project (a)

anonym series : 00

The unsung stories and origins of the people who have chosen to cast their name in gold-plated billboards of pride across their chest. "Non-traditional" names, often gifted within black and brown cultures, have been regarded as ghetto, greeted with distaste, and often cast aside as invalid. project (a) aims to change that narrative - giving those the ability to share their stories, proclaim their pride, and discharge the taboo around creative cultural identities.

If you are:

  • based in Atlanta, GA (or surrounding areas)
  • own nameplate jewelry
  • love your name/ want to tell the story behind it/ want to speak to its origins

Please contact me! I'd love to set up some time to take photo's of you and your nameplate as well as hear about your name and what it means to you. You will be part of an ongoing cultural photography project. 

Email me at: