Land of Wood & Water





A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots
— Marcus Garvey




My mother was born and raised in what Jamaicans call "country." "Country", simply means, "not Kingston;" but in her case, she really was raised in the cool lush hills of the north coast.

Jokes of the first street lamp and first car to drive through are exaggerated in animated narratives of Chalky Hill. But for this reason, Chalky Hill has remained a sweet haven of dewy, glittering, sun-drenched mornings, humid days of overhead heat and nights that chirped with insects in the dark coolness.

Abundant greens of sage, jade and emerald seemed to magically spring every which way in Chalky Hill. Nature swallowed things whole if left its own devices  






They say location is key, and there's no better way, than to have your product on grand display, in an accessible location



Jamaican Culture



Every thing in Jamaica has flair. Jamaicans "tun dem han fi mek fashion"- do with what they have and make it stylish. 

Homes and curbside "shops" are bright and imaginative, yet never eclipse the staggering vibrancy of nature

Being Jamaican isn’t just a nationality. It’s an experience you have to love it to understand.
— Proud Jamaicans


Wood & Water

The Land of Wood and Water, Xaymaca- named by the natives of this mystical land; the Arawak Indians. Forests and rivers danced mazes around the island in magnificent color and texture. A sacredness buried deep in the roots of the island trembles and quakes the soul upon arrival....


Sacred Trees

Rooted to the island spirit, the trees have stories to tell... 

Stories older than freedom, that bled in slavery; stories that sang in colonialism and swayed in August independence; stories of tourism and Bob Marley and "the ghetto;" stories of the Blue Mountains & ganja, and white people saying..."no problem mon"...

Trees; rooted to all times and all changes








purveyors of past, present and future...