Sunday Brunchwich: Kale, Cabbage and Squash 


#apartment5c : Sunday Brunchwich: Kale, Cabbage and Squash
serves 2

Sautéed dinosaur kale and purple cabbage seasoned with cumin and cayenne, topped with spicy paprika acorn squash and sautéed sweet onions! A quick and simple sautee of veggies on toasty bread! Delicious and filling way to pick yourself up after a night of wine and girl talk :)
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½  : head of purple cabbage
½  : acorn squash
1 : bunch of dinosaur kale (any kale is fine) 
1 : sweet onion
3 : cloves of garlic
1  : french loaf 

grapeseed oil
sea salt
black pepper
smoked paprika
granulated garlic
chilli flakes

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Peel and cube the acorn squash.
Chop the purple cabbage.
Wash and roughly chop the kale.
Slice the onion and dice the garlic.

Heat two tablespoons of grapeseed oil in a pan over medium low heat.
Add half the onions to the pan and let it sautee.
Add the cubed squash and season with 1 teaspoon each of sea salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, granulated garlic and chilli flakes. 
Turn down to low and stir occasionally- you may need to add small amounts of water to avoid sticking or burning. 
Reseason if necessary.  
Keep an eye on the squash while you begin the kale and cabbage…

Heat two tablespoons of grapeseed oil in a pan over medium low heat.
Add remaining onions and garlic. Let this cook until onions are just softened.
Add purple cabbage and kale.
Season with 1 teaspoon each of sea salt, black pepper, cumin, granulated garlic and just ½ teaspoon of cayenne. 
Reseason as you see fit. 
Stir to combine and sautee until just tender, but holds a crunch.
Remove from heat. 

The squash should be softened and spicy. Remove from heat. 

Brush both sides of loaf with grapeseed oil and toast the loaf in a hot pan until browned and crisp. 
Assemble your sandwich!
Pile kale and cabbage onto one side of the bread, top with squash and squeeze the slices together for a big smoky, spicy, crunchy bite!


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Amanda Woolery