Photo Credit: Adam Perine

Photo Credit: Adam Perine


I'm Amanda Olivia Woolery. I live to explore the various facets of myself and the world around me. I believe in the power of love, culture, art, food and music and I aim to express my passions through words and snapshots.

I was born from two strong-hearted Jamaican parents and a wild loving family. My childhood was full of strong women, smart men and nature all around. Parts of our home resembled a greenhouse, while other parts were bright with imagination. My brother painted and I read books. Music and food were synonymous in our family. Where there was food, there was music. My summers were spent in Jamaica, where I listened to crickets at nighttime and got lost in the stars. 

There is beauty all around us, if we are willing to submit to it. I aim to capture the moments of honest and grand beauty. To write and see the world through my own lens.  

In my journey into self-adventure, freedom and existence, I will recreate those magnified moments of love, culture, art, food and music through the never dying art of words and photos.